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How Electric Fence Works

How Electric Fence Works. Understanding how an electric fence works, will help you to design your fencing solution. Electric fence systems are used to control a wide variety of animals.

How does an electric fence work? YouTube
How does an electric fence work? YouTube from

An electric fence system consists of an electric fence energiser , a fence wire or combination of wires supported on insulators , fixed on posts. The current sent from the energizer flows along the wire. Let’s try to simplify the workings of a common electric fence.

The Aim Of An Electric Fence Is Not To Inflict Pain On The Animals, But To Create A Psychological Barrier For The Animals.

Fence energizers are the heart of an electric fence. The animal will touch the electric fence and become “trained” not to. A regular farm will have one or two wires with 5 strands of wire per line for each animal.

Wet Soil Is A Better Conductor Of.

The current sent from the energizer flows along the wire. An electric fence works by using a controlled pulse sent out along a single or numerous live wires that are insulated from earth. The intruder’s impacts will be determined by many.

Each Of Those Zones Uses Separate Wires And Operates Independently Of Each Other, So When There Is A Short Or A Breach Of The Fence, Only That Zone Will Report A Problem.

It’s pretty simple really an electric current, generated from an energiser which is earthed, travels along a fence wire as a pulse. This pulse is commonly referred to as the shock and is felt by any animal which touches an electrified fence. The effectiveness of the fence is the shock, in both the meanings of the word.

Once The Electric Fence Is Installed Correctly, And The Animal Comes In Contact With An Electrically Charged Fence Wire, It Will Feel A Shock Because The Electric Current Will Pass Through The Animal To Earth Ground, Thus Completing The Electrical Circuit.

It is at this point the animal receives a shock. Electric fence systems are used to control a wide variety of animals. How an electric fence works.

The Insulation Of The Live Wires Prevents The Electrical Current From Completing Is Circuit To Ground.

When livestock are trained properly and the fence is working the way it was designed to (ie with the proper voltage on the fence), cattle will touch the fence once and than leave it alone. A typical electric fence is a psychological barrier that keeps farm animals in and wild animals out, even over long distances. An electric fence, as the name suggests, is an electrified barrier that prevents unauthorized people from gaining access to a property or keeping animals within a confined area.